Dispatches from the Front is Minden's e-magazine, available for free download.  Each issue contains news about current and upcoming Minden products, along with some gaming articles.  Issue #1 is now available.  It is 24 pages long, and contains the GREAT WAR SALVO! PROMO wargame (rules and components are in the download).

An inexpensive hardcopy edition of Dispatches is available.  It is the same as the downloaded version, except it is printed in black & white, and has a thick-card countersheet included.

 Contents of Issue #1
Latest Dispatches from HQ (Minden News)
New Releases:  Dreadnoughts & Battlecruisers: Jutland; Swordfish at Taranto;
Pacific & Mediterranean Salvo!; Remagen Briedgehead; Retro 4th ed.
Game Peeks:  Poor Bloody Infantry
Zip Edition Game Pricelist
Inside Look:  Mighty Hood II
Design Analysis:  Naval Fire Combat Resolution
Production Spiral:  Combat Leader: East Front '41; Panzer Digest #10
Victory Conditions and The Evacuation of Konigsberg
Issue Game:  Great War Salvo! Promo  (solitaire WWI tactical naval game)
Game Components:  Rules, Game Tables,  28 color historical ship counters, markers

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